Small Space, big difference

A smaller space means a more intimate experience. We have a variety of different tools, machines, and free weights to help support you and your health, no matter what that means. We work mainly with 1:1 training and have 2:1 and small group options to fit any size of goal!


A gym for #gymtroverts

We’re a small box gym totally - nobody watching, no distractions, no sweaty equipment, no waiting in lines. and no loud abrasive music (unless you want it!)

Your time.,. your coach, your style, your success.



Individuals who are physically literate move with awareness and confidence with a wide variety of physical activities in multiple environments. This is important in developing a physically and mentally balanced individual while lowering the risk of injury and maximizing the potential for a range of activities to explore throughout life as we age.


Structured balance

You are only as strong as your weakest link. Before adding any resistance, imbalances should be addressed for joint health and postural awareness. At Motus we use a system of assessment called Structural Balance. This helps us individualize the right movements and resistance for your body. Structural Balance aims to minimize imbalances in strength and flexibility throughout the body.



At Motus we believe that for a community to grow, we must invest in each other. We value diversity and are building a safe, inclusive community where everyone has the right to be healthy and strong. We have a number of educational initiatives designed for local youth and children’s groups, focused on physical literacy and the power of play as movement. As a small, family business, we actively work with local business to better serve the needs of our clients and grow our local community. Make Motus your gym and come be a part of the movement.