Personal Trainers in Toronto at Motus

Personal Trainers in Toronto at Motus

The Motus Method (how we’re different personal trainers in Toronto)

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Confused about what to do or where to start in the gym? Tired of the same old personal trainers? We’re here to help. Let us show you how we’ll make it better by starting smarter. 

The Motus Method, in short, is a philosophy that every rep is an assessment. 

Based on the work of Dr. Stuart McGill (“the back mechanic”), Gray Cook (FMS) and the essential elements of strength development, the Motus method of assessment is based first and foremost on your goals. We take your story, the current status of your mind:body and your goals, then craft an assessment of your capacity to perform all the little and big things that will lead you where you want to go.

Yes, we will look at your basic ranges of motion, keeping an eye out for both hypo- and hyper-mobility (we’ve helped more than a few Yoga-bodies)!

And yes, we will do some essential strength, balance and coordination tests that will help us understand how you move under some load and in some specific patterns (think push, pull, balance, lift, twist, carry, throw, etc.)

Once all is moving well and your goals line-up for it, we get into initial assessments. You can expect to get sweaty and do some hard work during your initial assessments, but don’t expect to have the same assessment if you’re coming in with low back pain or a movement disorder like Parkinson’s Disease or Dystonia. 

If you ever enter a gym somewhere at 40+ years of age or with a chronic condition and you don’t expect to receive something customized, be very wary of what they’re offering and think about walking away entirely.

The Motus method is not a fancy spin on basic movements. The method is anchored by the huge body of evidence supporting progressive overload, strength training and a whole-person bio-psycho-social perspective. It gives us, and you, unique insight into the power of movement so we can develop capacity to help you achieve your goals and see beyond them.

You will not be forced to do exercises until you fail so we can grade you on some imaginary or at best, poorly applied scale. You will learn. You will see you and your body in a new light, with a focus on what's possible and leave with few special “a-ha” moments, and maybe some homework to better yourself outside of our Toronto gym. Our personal trainers want you to succeed. 

Personal Trainers at Motus

At Motus, we have a variety of personal trainers to suit your needs and budget. We have over 40 years of combined experience including strength-training focused personal trainers, female-focused personal trainers, LGBTQ2SI-focused personal trainers and specialized Kinesiologists and coaches focused on pain, disease and movement-disorder management

Scott Tate, one of our co-founders, maintains a regular teaching position at The University of Guelph-Humber also known as one of the best exercises and lifestyle management programs in the world.  You can expect great things from your coaches, Kins and trainers.

Ryan, another of our co-founders and a stellar personal trainer in Toronto is a pillar in the LGBTQ2SI+ community and hosts Pay-what-you-can programming to Trans and Non-binary folk along with incredible 1:1 and small group training for the community. 

Our Toronto personal trainers come from a wide background including meditation teachers, ex-pro-skateboarders, and martial arts all-stars. If you’re unsure where you fit, we promise we’ve got a space and a team designed to see your whole-person, meet you where you’re at and develop something just for your success.

Is a personal trainer worth it?

If you’re looking for a personal trainer in Toronto you’re probably like some of our long-term clients. You want to get out of pain and know that strength training will intelligently help you get back to working at your full capacity. 

If you have a movement disorder like Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and you know a general fitness facility won’t give you the space and care to make the most of exercise for managing your disease, know that we do. 

Maybe you feel generally confused about where to start, what movements to avoid, or anxiety about even starting and opening the door to your local gym. That’s where our philosophy and hand-picked personal trainers come in to help you. 

Having a personal trainer does many things for many people. First, thanks to our Motus Method approach, you will know and understand why you’re being prescribed the movements and exercises.We take the guess-work and fad-following out of the equations and build what’s right for you. Our personal trainers build personalized and customized programs for your needs. 

Maybe your company pays for a gym membership, or you’ve got one you’ve just never felt you maximized. Having a Motus coach, kin or trainer will give you the knowledge, confidence and essential strength to execute useful programs for you instead of just spinning your wheels. That said, if you’re like many of our clients that love to spin, you’ll know what moves to skip in that jam-packed spin or group class!

The question isn’t “is a personal trainer worth it?”, the question is “how much is getting to know my body, today, now, and setting it up for success now and in the future worth?”

How Much Does a Personal Trainer in Toronto Cost?

We took some of the most popular gyms and looked at how much they each charged for a personal trainer in Toronto.


Good Life


Snap Fitness






Cross-Fit Boxes 




The problem with a lot of personal trainers in Toronto is the language is often misleading. Big gyms can rope you into contracts, selling additional, but unneeded services. Sometimes, it’s not personal training at all, but a personal trainer teaching a group class. We’re 1 on 1 personal trainers in Toronto. 
Most problematic, personal training is often treated as a “bonus” to the membership and group-class focus of the business model. This leads to un-supported trainers dealing with clients they should be passing-off to the right coaches instead of chasing sales.

Valuable personal training happens when great coaches are supported by an organization to follow high-level principles, not meet sales objectives. Our business is built on a referral model, we only grow when you grow and stay awesome(r).

How to get started with a personal trainer

At Motus, we start with specific questions about you and your goals. 

What do you want? What do you like? Getting to know you is why we’re here, that, and helping you achieve your goals and grow beyond even those!

Once you come for a visit, or go ahead and get right into booking your initial assessment, you’ll feel the difference of starting with a Motus personal trainer. An assessment can be done by any one of our personal trainers in Toronto or one you’ve specifically requested.

If you want a little something deeper, our specialists and Kinesiologists will happily nerd-out with you and build you something surprising.

… and then the fun (and yes, work…) begins.

But while we’ve got your attention, here’s a few things to remember about getting started:

  1. Bring something comfortable to move in, even on your first visit to check-out the space as we’ll probably try to get you moving or at least playing with some of the toys right away

  2. If you have kids, or a spouse, or good friend, be happy to bring them along, so let us know so we can bust out the colouring books or jolly-jumper (for the spouse obviously).

  3. If you really want to get ahead, think about how you breathe, eat and sleep - no matter what you get done in the gym (too much or too little) the change you’re hoping for will accelerate (or not) thanks to those intangibles.

  4. If you’ve had some recent or lingering injuries, do a little mental jog back and let us know about them - it will help us provide a more thorough assessment and you’d be surprised at how many people get through the health history, then into the movement screening when we point something out and they say “oh yeah, I did separate my shoulder last year… maybe that’s why you’re noticing my right arm not cooperate!”

Personal Trainer Jobs in Toronto

We don’t do cookie cutter.

We’re always on the look-out for great coaches, Kins and personal trainers in Toronto. If you’ve got a group you’re particularly interested in supporting, even better, we’re open to everyone. So, if you know any great professionals that are itching to be in an environment designed for bravery and growth, send them along!

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