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Scott Tate

Scott's clients and students find him through referrals from other health professionals, thoughtful friends and colleagues or at his seminars. Often called a "movement specialist", Scott works with people returning from injury, dealing with movement disorders like Parkinson Disease and increasingly parents and youth.

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Jacob Lay

Jacob works with individuals and small groups dedicated to getting back on track and taking your fitness and lifestyle needs to the next level. With over a decade of experience some of his main qualifications include being a PICP Strength Coach using the principles of structural balance, Doctor of Chinese Medicine and a Fascial Stretch Therapist for all your soft tissue and mobility needs.

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Ryan Wolman

After a career in advertising, selling people crap food and shitty products they never needed or wanted, I got sick of making people sick and decided to do a total 180.

I decided to use my 10+ years of strength training and powerlifting experience to help others understand their potential, get strong and feel confident in a gym.

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