Your “safe space” to exercise

Your “safe space” to exercise


At Motus Training Studio we strive to be a gym for #gymtroverts. We think it’s important to acknowledge that we are a space that caters to individuals from many different communities and we make it part of our DNA to educate ourselves and make an adaptive space where everyone can feel good getting strong.

We don’t use the term “safe space” because we know that some of us and you struggle to feel safe in a fitness space. We aren’t going to put additional stress on you or tell you how to feel. For some of us, safety comes with time and trust. 

We use the term “educated space” for our gym. The responsibility is on us at Motus to understand more about the clients we have in our space and to help them get past barriers they may find in a traditional big gym that may stop them from reaching their potential. 

Our Educated space is always learning, never perfect, and forever striving to understand the needs of our clients and communities better so that we can offer a better product, a better space, or a better experience.


The LGBTQ+ community in Toronto is strong and resilient and amongst the most progressive and vocal in the world.

That being said, we are a very diverse group with a variety of anxieties and barriers that stop many of us from entering a gym or space where we can get physically strong as well.

Overall we try to create an “educated space” where our staff and clients understand the needs of the LGBTQ+ community. 

We have Queer owners and trainers that strive to create an environment where people can truly be themselves. Our gym isn’t lined with mirrors, we believe that any music can be gym music, we do not accept body shaming of any gender, we ask pronouns, we proudly provide Pay-What-You-Want services for our Trans/Non-Binary community. 

We’re not an exclusive LGBTQ+ gym, we strive to create an environment where everyone can feel safe and strong and we will push back on actions or conversations that are tovic to our clients.  

Everyone deserves to get stronger. It’s our job to remove any barriers so you can get to work.

A gay personal trainer in Toronto

Ryan Wolman is a partner at Motus Training Studio and One of the few gay personal trainers in Toronto with a focus on LGBTQ+ access in gyms and Fitness spaces.



After having left a 15+ year  career in advertising, selling people crap food and bad products they never needed or wanted, Ryan got sick of making people sick and decided to do a total 180 choosing to use his 10+ years of strength training and powerlifting experience to help others understand their potential, get strong and feel confident in a gym.

Ryan’s practice encompasses everyone, but he especially enjoys working with LGBTQ+ people who might find fitness spaces intimidating and need help finding their home in the gym or moving past any barriers that stop them from getting stronger.

Ryan started the pay-what-you-can Trans/Non-binary program at Motus to make sure there was a space where that community could feel safe while getting strong. The program has been running for over a year with plans to expand to more users. (if you are a trans or non binary person in Toronto and want to talk about your fitness goals please contact  

Ryan can be found on instagram @RyanTOtrainer and on facebook where he posts quite a bit about bulldogs and queer issues.

The importance of access for all

Queer people can have a complicated relationship with fitness spaces. It’s a space that’s traditionally straight, cis, male, and often aggressive. Historically these spaces could be threatening to out queer people. In present day while there’s been some positive change for some of us there’s still a large percentage of the community that don’t feel welcome or safe in large gym or fitness spaces and that can present a barrier to getting healthy or reaching personal goals.

Access means that all of us have a right to feel safe and to be allowed to get healthy and strong. It means looking at physical barriers to fitness spaces and also addressing some emotional and psychological barriers that make gym, change-rooms, equipment, and cultures inaccessible to Queer people.

It’s also important to understand that Queer culture is far from a monolithic experience and not all queer people experience access similarly. A gay man has a different relationship with a gym that a trans POC. 

Access means creating spaces that adapt to the needs of a diverse community and not expecting people to simply adapt to the space that you create. This applies to the messaging, the decor, the equipment, the diversity of staff, the music played, the types of services offered, the places where we advertise, and the geographical areas where we decide to open fitness spaces. 

Access for all is work, and is constantly evolving as a process in Motus Training Studio. We know we’re never there. We know there’s no such thing as a “safe” space. So we strive to be an “educated” space so we can adapt to the needs of all of our clients as much as possible.

Other queer friendly gyms in Toronto

We want to build a list of safe spaces to workout in Toronto. Please helps us fill in this form. 

Queer Gyms in Toronto:

Iron Lion

Bloor St Fitness

Community Activities and Partners

We’ve recently partnered with the George Chuvalo Neighbourhood centre which is a great youth drop in just down the street from Motus Training Studio with a robust set of programming for LGBTQ2I+ youth.

We think they do important work in the Junction and Junction Triangle community and we’re proud to consider them friends and partners.

We’ve designed our pride shirts with 100% of proceeds going to LGBTQ2I+ programming at the youth centre. They are also the recipients of all donations we collect from our pay_what-you-can Trans/Non Binary programming.

We’re looking forward to further connections with the GCNC as we develop programs in our gym to help their LGBTQ2I youth get physically stronger to mirror their artistic and personal growth at the youth centre.

Pay-what-you-can Trans and Non Binary sessions

For a while now we’ve been running flexible sessions for our local Trans / Non Binary community. Our sessions are pay-what-you-can and are meant to be accessible, non-invasive, community building, and adaptable to the needs of attendees.

Our format changes over time. From regular classes on Sundays, to small group sessions during the week to specialized personal sessions for those that need some space to get comfortable initially in a gym. 


Everyone has the right to have access to a space where they can get strong. 

If you need a hand contact or send us a message at and we can talk about the sessions we have available or address any specific needs on an individual basis.

Get in Touch

Ask us anything: We’re happy to answer any questions, book a tour of the space and have a chat (no charge), or just get started.